Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Palin on Alaska vs Exxon Valdez

I just finished watching a clip of Sarah Palin talking about the Supreme Court verdict in Alaska v Exxon from June. In it she appear quite knowledgeable, well spoken, compassionate. However in just 5 months she completely forgot about it? Other things that happened in June, the start of summer classes, the resolution of the Michigan and Florida primaries, the end of Hillary Clinton's campaign. Maybe its a little harder to remember what happened in June, but I know that if a $2.5 billion dollar judgment for my state was cut to $500 million I'd remember that.

You'll hear 2 common reasons for her oversight, she couldn't remember or she was stunned by the camera (I hope she never has to meet another world leader with a camera around). I doubt she couldn't remember or was stunned. It wouldn't suprise me if she was told not to bring it up, it certainly gets in the way of those who, you know, what to drill baby drill.


Pickscrape said...

The other possibility is that she crammed for that, and subsequently forgot it once the event was over.

She has demonstrated that she is perfectly capable of delivering speeches and giving answers when she knows the subject; the problem tends to be when she doesn't, which is far too often for my liking.

melanie said...

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